Step 1: Pack Your Knives

Pack your knives and cutlery Complete the order form and follow the easy packing instructions.

Step 2: Ship Your Knives

Mail in Knife Sharpening serviceMail your knives quickly and economically using USPS Priority Mail.

Step 3. Enjoy Your Knives

Sharp CutleryYour sharpened knives will ship out in just 1-2 days!



What sharpening method do you use?

We use a two step process that begins by restoring the blade bevel on a wax treated silicon carbide sharpening wheel. The wax treatment keeps the blade cool through the beveling stage. Next we move to a honing wheel charged with jeweler's rouge for final polishing. This method leaves a mirror finish and removes a minimum of blade material so that your knives stay sharp and last for many years.

How often do I need to have my knives sharpened?

With good knife skills and a proper cutting board (wood, plastic, or rubber) your knives will stay sharp for many months. Most home chefs that use our service have their knives sharpened once per year.

How quickly can you do the work?

Mail in knife sharpening is fast! Your knives will be sharpened and packaged for shipment within 1-2 days of receipt of payment. Return shipping is by USPS Priority so you won't be without your knives for long. If your knives are received on a Friday or Saturday they will be sharpened and sent out on the following Monday. I have a young family and they come first on the weekend.

Can I drop my knives off at your shop?

Sorry, my shop is not open to the public.

What does it cost?

The most popular service is Deluxe Sharpening at $10 per knife, regardless of blade length up to 12". Choose Signature Service for those knives that need minor repair. Choose the Serrated Service for your bread, utilty, or steak knives. To get more details visit this page.

Where is your shop located?

My knife sharpening shop is located in Northern Kentucky, away from the hustle and bustle, where I'm free to take as much time as I please to get your blades just right.

Download packing instructions, shipping label and Order Form here.